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Manly and Silverdale Volunteer Fire Brigades

Sylvie originally hails from England and was always of the understanding that Firemen and Firewomen got paid for the work they do. But no … in New Zealand it appears that Manly and Silverdale Firestations are manned and ‘womanned’ almost totally by volunteers.

A few of the houses Sylvie has sold recently were lacking Smoke Alarms and so when handing over the keys to the new owners she also handed over smoke alarms to ensure that all of her homes were at least safe in terms of fire warning. Sylvie has furthered this effort with a donation of $1500 to Manly and $1500 to Silverdale Firestations to assist the good volunteers look after her homes if ever needed.

Sylvie finds it easy to take on this personal responsibility for the homes she sells and is pleased to know that the Firestation volunteers are being assisted with the incredible job they do.

Combined the Manly and Silverdale Brigades respond to an average of over 800 emergency calls per year. Incidents can be fire related, motor vehicle accidents, natural disasters, medical and others. They are always looking for new volunteers. If you would like further details about joining now, please feel free to contact the Manly Volunteer Fire Brigade Recruitment Officer on 021 082 08530 or 0800 FIRE RECRUIT (0800 347 373).

Visit to find out how to get your smoke alarms sorted in 3 simple steps.

Manly & Silverdale Volunteer Fire Brigades

Shayne Kennedy (Deputy Chief Fire Officer – Manly), Sylvie Borrett and Don McErlich (Senior Station Officer – Silverdale).